Mr Lu Ton specialises in the treatment of disorders and conditions such as:

Complex Spine Surgery

Severe Trauma | Degenerative Spinal Disease | Spine Cancer

Mr Lu Ton is specialised in the diagnoses and treatment of various complex spinal conditions from the skull to the tip of the Coccyx.

He has dealt with the most complicated cases in trauma, tumour of the spine and advanced degeneration. He has also dealt with cases of severe deformity inflicted by Arthritis, Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Spondylosis, Spondyolisthesis, Spondyloptosis and failed past surgery.

Complex spinal cases require complex spinal surgical techniques and instrumentation. Each individual case needs a unique approach. Below are some examples of cases that Mr Lu Ton has been involved in.

Keyhole Spinal Surgery

Minimal invasive spinal surgery has been performed for at least 30 years. In the past, "keyhole" spinal surgery included only micro-discectomies, foraminotomies, to release or de-compress the nerve impingement.

With the recent development of new instrumentation, keyhole spinal surgery now embraces posterior spinal fusion and anterior spinal fusion with vertebral body replacement for the correction of deformity. The advantage of "keyhole" surgery is less soft tissue dissection, less bleeding, lower complication rates, less post-operative pain and shorter hospital stay. Keyhole surgery also has the added benefit of reduced scarring and minimised risk of infection.

In addition to routine keyhole micro-discectomy and foraminotomy surgery, Mr Ton has also performed complex spinal surgery with the keyhole techniques.

Advanced Spine Surgery

Over the last 10 years there have been many new technologies introduced into spine surgery. Some seem to "make sense", some are theoretically "feasible", some have been well tested and proven and some fail in clinical context.

With a background in Orthopaedic surgery involving joint replacement, alignment and structural stability of the spine as well as training in Microsurgery to deal with neural tissue, Mr Ton is well equipped to provide his patients with safely chosen, balanced, up to date advanced spine surgery.

Mr Lu Ton treats each patient condition with care and precision to ensure the best possible results from surgery.

There are other spinal surgical technologies that will become available in the future but Mr Ton is still cautiously waiting for further testing and trials before introducing them to his patients.

Common Spine Conditions

Scoliosis is a common spine condition where the spine has an abnormal curvature and rotation.

The most commonly diagnosed cases of Scoliosis are idiopathic, which means the cause of the Scoliosis is unknown and there is no association with any other disease or disorder.

It is common for idiopathic scoliosis to develop in children aged 10-15 years of age but can also be diagnosed in younger children and babies, due to a birth defect.

Scoliosis may also be caused by other conditions such as Cerebral Palsy and traumatic spine/brain injury.