About Us

Steel fabricator in Lilydale

We provide metal spinning, metal fabrication and metal pressing services throughout Melbourne and Australia.

CNC Metal Spinning & Fabrication

Whitehorse Industries is the leading metal spinning and metal fabrication company in Melbourne. As the oldest and largest metal spinning company in Australia, we have built a formidable reputation for our range and high quality of products, and our attention to detail.

As a metal spinner of good standing, our metal spinning projects have included the creation of parts for the C-130 Hercules, FA-18 Hornets and the M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier. Our metal spun parts have been used in harvesters and silos, carburettors, fuel tanks, ice buckets, paella dishes, dairy milking machines, hanging light pendants and light shades, fire pits, PBA safety bowls and many other applications.

With our top of the line CNC machinery and large capacity machining lathes, we can design and manufacture any type of metal spun products or tooling you need, catering for a wide range of sizes and complexities.

Aeronautics, agriculture, transport, food & transport, food & catering, mining and medical are some of the industries that benefit from our CNC metal fabrication services.

Metal Spinning

We spin aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel to create covers, shrouds, cookware, lighting, balls, tubes, cones, truck inlets and exhausts.

Metal Pressing

We press aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel to create aeronautical and armoured vehicle parts, hub caps, headlight surrounds, donuts, fuel tank ends and parts for vintage cars.

Metal Tooling:

With both in-house tooling design and manufacture, we cost-effectively machine tools that produce precision parts as quickly as possible. All tooling is designed and drawn on solid works and uploaded to our CNC machining facility that guarantees exacting tool dimensions that flows on to high-resolution product supply.

Research & Design

We work with you to test the validity of your product or design and provide advice and guidance as needed.

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