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Licensed Firearms Dealer

If you are looking for a licensed firearms dealer, then you have come to the right place. At South Morang Hunting, Fishing & Camping , we have an extensive range of hunting accessories and high quality rifles, handguns, shotguns, ammunition, gun cleaning equipment, rifle scopes, hunting knives and hunting clothing, all competitively priced and ready to go. We can also help you with any gunsmith services you may need, and our re-loading ammunition courses are available on request.

What Rifles, Ammunition And Hunting Accessories Do We Stock?

We stock all the best brands, from Winchester, Remington and Ruger to Beretta and Marlin – rifles, handguns and shotguns – we have the lot!

As for ammunition and other gun accessories, we stock Remington, Winchester, Federal, Fiocchi, Hornady and PPU, as well as all the reloading gear you can handle.

You can also check out our range of Tetra and Hoppes gun cleaning equipment and our rifle scopes (Bushnell, Athlon, Leupold and Burris).

If you want to fit yourself out with some quality hunting clothing, boots and backpacks, we stock a range of Hunters Element and Ridgeline.

We also carry a range of other quality hunting accessories, including hunting knives, thermal monoculars (perfect for tracking animals) and the world’s smartest gun rest – the Eagle Eye Gun Quad-Rest that securely holds your rifle when driving a quad bike.

Victoria is blessed with enough wild deer, foxes, pigs, rabbits and hares to keep any hunting enthusiast busy during the season. We also have a limited amount of duck hunting – you can find out more about hunting at the SSAA Victoria website and the Game Management Authority website.

Deer Hunting In Victoria

For deer hunting in Victoria, you need to hold a current firearm licence and a current Game Licence endorsed for deer hunting.

If you want to hunt deer with hounds, you must pass the Hound Hunting Test.


Fishing Gear & Tackle For Recreation And Sports

Looking for great quality fishing gear? Then look no further than South Morang Hunting, Fishing & Camping! We stock the well-known Jarvis Walker brand, an Australian manufacturer of fishing gear and tackle, who are renowned for their quality fishing reels and rods. As one of the oldest family-owned fishing companies in Australia you simply can’t go wrong their gear.

Our stock includes Jarvis Walker rods, reels, tackle, tackle boxes, lures, hooks and sinkers and we also stock a wide range of Gotcha bait.

Selecting The Right Reels

Bait fishing: A spin or overhead reel is ideal for recreational fishing, but if you are a fishing newbie, then opt for a spin reel because they are easier to use.

Trawling: An overhead reel is the weapon of choice for trawling, because it fits nicely into the rod holders, can be fitted with a gimbal belt and it’s easier to adjust the line.

Casting: A spin reel is easier for beginners and also for lighter lures or sinkers, however casting reels do give you more precision, but they take longer to master.

Bottom fishing & jigging: When you are dropping baits or heavy lures from a boat, it’s easier to opt for overhead reels, however a spin reel can really give you more versatility.

If you need help selecting the right fishing gear, tackle, reels or rods for your fishing trip, don’t hesitate to drop into our store at South Morang for a chat.


Coleman Camping Gear Supplies

At South Morang Hunting, Fishing & Camping, we are proud stockists of Coleman camping gear – our range of camping products include tents, sleeping bags, swags, cooler boxes, camping chairs, cooking equipment, lanterns, airbeds and eskies, as well as a great range of maps of Victoria. Everything you could possibly need for a great weekend trip or even longer in the great outdoors!

Whether you are going alone, have roped in some mates or are taking a family camping trip, we have all the Coleman camping gear you will need at our Northern Melbourne store. You can also stock up on your hunting and fishing supplies whilst at our store and we are happy to give you any advice you need for a safe and enjoyable trip.

Basic Coleman Camping Gear For A Weekend Trip

Firstly, small popup tents or swags and a good quality ground cover are essential – if you take tents then you will need sleeping bags as well. Next, you need portable lanterns or torches and a really good shovel for digging holes. Don’t forget an esky, cooking equipment (plus food and water), fold up table, camping chairs, washing bowl and a first aid kit.