Pre Pregnancy Counselling, Antenatal care, delivery and post natal complications, Assessment of obstetric trauma and management following birth, Subsequent delivery following obstetric and pelvic trauma, and Post delivery bladder dysfunction

Urogynaecology Services

Explanation of pelvic floor dysfunction and advice on conservative management, Urodynamic testing, Prolapse assessment, Vaginal pessaries to treat prolapse, Surgical treatment of vaginal prolapse, Investigation and management of urinary incontinence, Minimally invasive surgery for urinary incontinence, Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, Bladder pain, Bowel dysfunction, Sexual dysfunction related to the pelvic floor

General Gynaecology Services

Colposcopy and treatment for cervical dysplasia, Contraception, IUD placement and removal, Management of heavy periods and abnormal bleeding, Vulval problems, Menopause