About Us

Bravada Group


Bravada was formed in 2014 with a strategic objective to quickly develop into the penultimate provider of commercial and residential waterproofing services to the Victorian building industry. Achievement of this strategic outcome was to be driven by an industry leading approach to quality, business accreditations & certifications, back end support services, selective staff recruitment, staff training & development and key supplier alliances.

Having started in 2014 with a team of seven, Bravada today employs over 40 people and has developed a reputation among suppliers and industry bodies as being the industry benchmark for quality, reputation, innovation and customer service.

Quality Approach

All waterproofing requires an uncompromising approach when it comes to the works specification and the selection and application of products. For a new construction project, waterproofing typically accounts for 2 – 3% of the total project budget yet water leaks and related issues account for circa 80% of warranty & defect claims. Further heightening the importance of quality waterproofing is the fact that the vast majority of applied waterproofing membranes are quickly covered over by tiles and other materials as part of the construction process. This means that the quality of the waterproofing installation cannot be readily assessed when the application has been completed and any substandard waterproofing installations only become evident when something goes wrong.

Bravada’s industry leading approach to quality is compromised of key elements:

Quality Products – Bravada recommends and uses only those products that are sourced from its leading Australian based suppliers and where the manufacturer’s full product warranties apply.

Technical advice – Bravada’s experienced technicians can recommend the best products for your project and where required can draw upon technical input from our strategic product suppliers.

Insurances & Certifications – Bravada maintains all required insurances including Public Liability, Products Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance and Bravada holds numerous industry certifications & accreditations including:

  • Commercial Builders Licence (limited)
  • Domestic Builders Licence (Limited)
  • cm3 – prerequisite for many commercial builders in support of a contractor’s OH&S System.
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 – in support of Bravada’s Safety Management System.

In addition to the above, Bravada maintains pre qualifications with various Body Corporate Managers & Facility Owners/Managers (ie; shopping centre managers, universities, health institutions, etc) that provides for Bravada to conduct ongoing works on their respective facilities.

Applicator Training – This is a key focus for Bravada and all of its Applicators have received extensive training, both on site and from our strategic product suppliers. In addition, all of Bravada’s Applicators are required to hold a Certificate III in Waterproofing which has been obtained from industry recognized training institutions such as Melbourne Polytechnic. In support of its quality control measures, Bravada does not engage sub contractors to carry out waterproofing works and Bravada’s Applicators are permanent employees.

Warranties – Waterproofing works completed by Bravada are supported by meaningful warranties, as unlike many waterproofing contractors operating today, Bravada is a large and robust business that plans to be around for the long term. Warranties for completed works are typically for a period of 7 years, although in some cases longer warranties may be available based on the membrane type and any extended warranties that may be available from the product manufacturer.

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