Sandblasting Services

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Wet Blasting

Through a process known as Wet Blasting, which dramatically reduces the amount of dust generated through the sandblasting process, we offer a relatively dustless environment for your sandblasting needs.

Paint Removal

Abrasive blasting is the quickest most effective ways to remove paint from bricks, machinery, industrial equipment, metal bins, shipping containers, metal stairways, steal or wooden beams, houses. Also line removal from carparks & other asphalt areas that have been painted.

Rust Removal

Rust removal is very similar to paint removal in depending on the surface it is will determine the best way to clean it. Abrasive blasting will clean up rust & scale off trucks & truck chassis, tippers, excavators, tractors, dozers & other machines.

Machinery Sandblasting

Access Sandblasting can clean & prepare all sorts of machinery by sandblasting.

Non Slip Surface Preparation

We have completed countless non slip surface preparation jobs.It is usually takes a light blast to create some grip on a surface for obvious safety reasons.We can blast any surface area to make it safer like concrete, pavers, tiles, red bricks, timber decking.

Restoration Work

Abrasive blasting is a major part of restoring old buildings into new sophisticated spaces. There are quite a number of buildings across Melbourne that we have had a part in restoring. We have sandblasted old buildings inside & outside, sandblasting painted brick to remove paint to bring back to original surfaces for various restoration projects including houses, shops, restaurants, cafes, warehouses & factories.