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Fabric Products and Services in Upper Plenty, VIC


Fabrics we handle can be broken down essentially into 2 broad classes, woven (incorporating a warp thread along the weave and a weft thread across) and knitted (where a thread is “knitted” or interlaced against itself or adjacent thread with loops of varying complexity).

Fabrics Designs & Specifications

Giving us your specifications gives us a great start in selecting or recommending or designing a fabric for your product.

We can then source from a wide range of Textile mills and then offer you sample swatches, pricing and delivery lead times. Many of our mills can offer hundreds of different styles and variations of a wide range of fabrics based on their many years of experience. If not, we can look at putting together a fabric based on your specific needs or on something you have seen elsewhere. Using generic or internationally branded yarns and finishes depending on your requirements.

Sampling Services

Having specified and designed your fabric we can then supply you with a range of small sample swatches to choose from. Also sampling sufficient to make a garment may be provided or a small production run for evaluation before full production. Mills have their own policies on how they can assist but there is usually a try before you buy system available.

In specifying a colour, the general procedure is for the client to offer a colour swatch or a colour reference (for example a pantone colour reference) we can then provide a Lab Dip including a shade up and a shade down on the desired fabric for your approval before production starts. This is also the case with Prints where we will offer a strike off of the requested design for your approval. We can either print using conventional printing methods or printing using digital technology on polyester fabrics. For yarn dyed pattern fabrics we can offer hand loom samples.

Garment Manufacturing

If you are looking for a manufacturer to produce your product designs we can help refer you to factories in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Fiji, Vietnam, China and Sri Lanka.

We can also assist you with your specifications to obtain samples, pricing and lead times, so you can work direct with the maker.

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