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DIGITAL MARKETING PRO brings together FOUR powerful management tools (our Best Sellers!) to help increase your Social Media presence and engagement, and boost your Google listings ...

1. Reputation Management: Reviews, Listings, Online Mentions & more
2. Social Marketing: 2 Premium Posts per month to a maximum of 4 Social Channels:
    Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
3. Listing Builder: Unique Google-powered micro-site, Listings, Citations & more


1. Reputation Management

Reviews, complete and accurate business information and your social media activity all have a major impact on how easy your business is to find online, how it lists on Google, and whether or not a consumer / prospect decides to do business with you!

Reputation Management:

- Set up your Reputation Management account
- Monitor and manage your Google My Business page (GMB)
- Monitore and manage your Facebook Business page activity
- Responding to GMB and Facebook Reviews
- Manage Directory and Citation listings
- Access to your Stats, Insights & Reporting via your WebLocals Business Centre Dashboard

2. Social Marketing

To be successful on Social Media you need to post relevant and engaging content across all social channels on a regular basis. A genuine and active social media presence also helps boost your Google listings.

Social Marketing:

- Set up your Social Marketing account
- Connect / set up your Social Media accounts; GMB, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc
- Posts industry-specific content and images to your social channels
- Access to your Stats, Insights & Reporting via your WebLocals Business Centre Dashboard

  You should track social interactions via your FB page - We recommend you download the "Pages Manager" app on to your phone, so you promptly receive notifications from your Facebook page.


3. Listing Builder with Micro-Site

Absolutely key to helping people (and Google ...) find your business online is having your business details listed on lots of reputable sites in a consistent and uniform way.

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone: Having a consistent NAP across the internet means people won't be confused about where you are, or how to contact you ... A consistent NAP also results in your business being correctly set up in Google's database, which in turn can ramp up your Google listings in Local Search.

Via the Google-driven "My Listing" tool that comes with this powerful program you can create a mobile-responsive Micro-Site for your business that is optimised for Local Search and can help boost your accessibility via Google.

You will be able to set up of your Google-powered micro-site;
Listing Sync;
Google Insights;

Gain access to your Stats, Insights & Reporting is provided via your WebLocals Business Centre Dashboard. 

We can assist you with setting up your business Domain Name to 'point' to your Listing Builder micro-site if desired ... A Hosting account would be required to make this happen; We offer Domain Name Hosting at $132 inc gst per year. We can also help with Domain Name recommendations and registrations if required ... Browse our website or contact us for details.

Please note: The Listing Builder component of this program is based on your Google My Business (GMB) page being claimed and verified. If your GMB is not claimed and verified please carry out those processes yourself, or if you need help please contact us or visit our Store and refer to our Google My Business Starter Kit product.

 6 Great Reasons Why You Should Try Digital Marketing DIY Today:

  1. Regular engaging posts to your social channels
  2. Build credibility and loyalty with 5 Star Reviews
  3. Create and develop your business as an active, contributing member of the online community
  4. Unique Google-powered Micro-Site
  5. Comprehensive Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting
  6. Affordable and great value for money!

Minimum Term: 3 months then reverting to 30 days and requiring 14 days’ notice by either party to terminate.

Why 3 months? We know from experience that these things take time! Given 3 months we can effectively carry out the work needed, maximising the benefits and returns on your investment.


Disclaimer: WebLocals Australia reserves the right to make adjustments to advertised products, bundles, services &/or pricing without prior notification. Advance notice will be provided if any adjustment to current subscriptions are pending


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