Steel Garden Edging

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We offer steel edging installation onsite and also all bends, curves, returns etc. are all fabricated and processed onsite.

We work with 100ml x 6ml mild steel with 300 to 400ml long REO round 12ml steel bars, which are fully welded and pegged onsite. We weld together 6 metre lengths of 100 x 6 mild steel flat bar.

We offer mild steel borders and edging for:

  • lawns
  • instant lawns / artificial turf
  • gardens
  • fountains
  • public walkways
  • open spaces
  • vegetable gardens
  • rockeries
  • larger house blocks


All materials are transported by us onsite prior to installation, so you don’t need to worry about anything…

We deliver 100x6mm garden edge in 6 metre lengths to site on the day of installation. The supplied garden edge is then shaped to a desired layout and pegged. All joins and pegs are fully mig welded on-site, with approximately 300-350mm length of 12mm reo bar, with pegs fully welded at approximately one metre intervals.

All work sites are left neat, tidy, clear and safe.

All care is taken for our work to have a minimal impact on the environment we are working in.

When installing steel garden edging, we operate to best practices for public safety with professional systems, i.e. witches hats / safety bollards, barrier tape and welding screens and shields.