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Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasting: is a technique of cleaning or preparing a surface by forcing a stream of abrasive materials against the subject.


Sandblasting is a procedure used for cleaning materials with fine sand, forced through a nozzle by means of compressed air or strong fans.

Bead Blasting

Glass beading is the process of applying fine glass beads at a high pressure. This removes the surface deposits without damaging the surface underneath. It's also known as glass bead blasting. Glass or Bead blasting is a popular way to remove paint from the surface of vehicles without damaging the underlying sheet metal. You can get glass beads in a range of sizes and grades.

Industrial Spray Painting

Our mobile & onsite industrial spraypainting services are second to none - our fully equipped vehicles and qualified staff ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction. Be it a shipping container, factory walls & floors or stationary steel works, we're able to deliver on all aspects of your requirements. The types of protective coatings vary from reinforced inorganic zinc silicate to 2 Pacs and enamel paints.