0-3 Years

Our educators create a nurturing warm environment and will focus on building special bonds with our babies and toddlers. Our staff understands babies/ toddlers feeding, sleeping and developmental needs. The program provides new experiences and understand that our supervision standards must outweigh all other priorities during the day.

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Kinder Program

Connect Kids Early Learning Centre will provide a quality Kindergarten program conducted by a qualified Kindergarten teacher. We offer the community a service which forms the corner stone of future learning and development for our children.

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Music Program

At Connect Kids Kilmore, we will offer a music program for all children (babies- Kinder) that will be designed specifically for each age group and individual learning abilities. It will also highlight the importance of movement and music, connecting the mind and body and encouraging them to work together.

The program will work around the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework. It will not only entertain the children but educate them through music. And whether it be through song, dance, movement, structured activities or listening techniques we aim to create an enjoyable educational program for all the children at our centre.

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Early Learning Program

A Kindergarten program is an important milestone for your child’s development. It will help children learn skills that become a foundation for future learning and life skills.

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